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Lego Ninjago Sets

Step into the action-packed world of LEGO NINJAGO , where the fate of Ninjago City hangs in the balance between the brave ninja heroes and their cunning foes.

Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO builder or a wide-eyed newcomer, NINJAGO sets offer endless possibilities for imagination and adventure. With thrilling stories spanning across seasons, these sets capture the hearts of children and adults alike, igniting a passion for ninjas, dragons, and epic battles.

From battling serpentine villains in ancient temples to mastering elemental powers with iconic dragons, the variety of NINJAGO sets is sure to leave you breathless. Get ready to build magnificent temples, maneuverable vehicles, and powerful mechs, all packed with intricate details and hidden surprises. So, whether you’re a young ninja trainee seeking your first set or a seasoned Spinjitzu Master looking for the ultimate challenge, there’s a perfect NINJAGO adventure waiting to be built!

Stay tuned, as we delve deeper into the exciting world of LEGO NINJAGO sets. We’ll explore iconic creations, uncover hidden gems, and provide insights for both new and seasoned builders. Get ready to unleash your inner ninja and discover the endless possibilities that await!

Exploring the World of Ninjago Sets

The land of Ninjago isn’t just one adventure – it’s a realm bursting with diverse build experiences! Whether you crave heart-pounding action, intricate locations, collectible minifigures, or nostalgia-fueled memories, there’s a LEGO NINJAGO set perfectly suited for your building style and age.

Action Aficionados

Roar into battle with mighty mechs like Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon or Nya’s Samurai X Mech. Soar through the skies with epic dragons like Zane’s Ice Dragon or the fearsome Wojira. Master the roads with sleek ninja vehicles like Cole’s Earth Driller or Kai’s Fire Dragon Car. These sets are bursting with action features and hidden weapons, guaranteeing hours of thrilling battles and escapes.


Let your inner architect out with the iconic locations and buildings. Recreate the legendary Monastery of Spinjitzu, train with the ninja in their secret headquarters, or explore the bustling streets of Ninjago City. These detailed sets offer intricate builds, hidden rooms, and iconic features that transport you straight into the heart of the story.


Sometimes, the smallest heroes pack the biggest punch! Battle Packs showcase smaller sets with exciting battle scenes and exclusive minifigures. Collect your favorite ninja in their latest gear, from Lloyd’s Golden Ninja suit to Nya’s Water Suit Kaiju. These sets are perfect for quick bursts of action and expanding your minifigure collection.

Treasures for True Fans

For the seasoned Spinjitzu Masters, dive into the world of Legacy and Collectible Sets. These special edition sets pay homage to classic NINJAGO moments, featuring remastered versions of iconic vehicles and locations. Unearth hidden details, rediscover beloved characters, and display these stunning models with pride.

No Ninja Left Behind

LEGO NINJAGO caters to builders of all ages and skill levels. Younger children (4+) can start their ninja journey with simple builds and larger pieces in sets like Jay’s Boulder Blaster or Zane’s Zane’s Ice Power Robot. As they grow, the Masters of Spinjitzu (7+) sets offer more complex builds and intricate storylines, like Kai’s Fire Mech or Cole’s Earth Dragon. And for the truly dedicated, advanced sets (18+) like the Temple of Airjitzu or the Ninjago City Gardens provide epic building challenges and collector-worthy displays.

Choosing a LEGO NINJAGO Set

With so many choices, picking the right one can feel like facing Lord Garmadon himself! Fear not, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to choose the ultimate NINJAGO set!

Spark Your Inner Ninja

First things first, what sets your inner ninja’s spirit ablaze? Do you crave fiery action with Kai? Master the elements with Lloyd? Or perhaps, unravel mysteries with the techno-wizard, Zane? Explore sets themed around your favorite characters, delving into their unique powers and vehicles. (Think fiery dragons for Kai, epic mechs for Lloyd, and futuristic bikes for Zane!)

Find Your Building Bliss

Remember, every ninja starts somewhere! Consider the builder’s age and experience when choosing a set’s difficulty level. Younger ninjas might thrive on beginner-friendly sets with larger bricks, while experienced builders can conquer complex creations with intricate details.

Budgeting for Bricktastic Adventures

LEGO NINJAGO sets come in various price ranges, so you can find the perfect match for your wallet. Smaller sets offer quick building fun, while larger sets deliver sprawling adventures. Remember, the most important treasure is the joy of building and sharing stories with your creations!

Beyond the Bricks

Look for sets with special features that take the play experience to the next level! Unleash the power of Spinjitzu with spinning minifigures, or discover interactive elements that bring your stories to life. Imagine Zane’s mech launching missiles or Lloyd’s dragon soaring through the air!

Beyond the Bricks: The Fun of Ninjago

Sure, you’ve built the amazing Lego Ninjago sets, mastered epic Spinjitzu moves, and maybe even wielded the Golden Weapons (at least in your imagination!). But the world of Ninjago extends far beyond the plastic bricks. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the animated series, stories, and vibrant community that keep the ninja spirit alive!

First, let’s talk about the Lego Ninjago TV show. This action-packed series breathes life into the characters and stories you build with your sets. Witness Lloyd Garmadon, the Green Ninja, and his team face off against villains like Lord Garmadon and Harumi, the Jade Princess. Each season brings new adventures, elemental powers to master, and important lessons about friendship, courage, and the power of believing in yourself.

But the stories don’t stop there! Dive into Lego Ninjago books, comics, and even video games to unravel even more thrilling adventures. Expand your Ninjago universe with online resources and fan communities. Discuss your favorite characters, share creations, and discover new building tips and tricks. Who knows, you might even inspire your own epic Lego Ninjago story!

Remember, the true magic of Ninjago lies in your imagination. Use your Lego sets as springboards for imaginative play and storytelling. Recreate your favorite scenes from the show, invent your own villainous adversaries, or embark on daring quests with your ninja heroes.

Ready to unleash your inner ninja with Lego Ninjago?

So we’ve reached the end of our exploration into the exciting world of Lego Ninjago sets. But remember, this is just the beginning of your own building adventures!

Lego Ninjago is more than just bricks and minifigures. It’s a gateway to a universe bursting with thrilling stories, courageous heroes, and epic battles. Whether you’re drawn to the fiery spirit of Kai, the cool composure of Zane, or the quick wit of Jay, there’s a ninja ready to guide you on your journey.

Each set unlocks a unique chapter in the Ninjago saga. Build iconic locations like the Monastery of Spinjitzu or Nya’s Water Bike. Master ancient Spinjitzu techniques with training sets. Even face off against menacing villains like Lord Garmadon or the Serpentine in action-packed battles.

The possibilities are endless! Explore vibrant jungles, soar through the skies on dragonback, or delve into the depths of the ocean. With every brick you place, you’ll be creating your own Ninjago story, brick by epic brick.

Ready to join the adventure? Head over to the Lego Ninjago website or your nearest Lego store to discover the amazing selection of sets waiting to be explored. Share your favorite set or building experience in the comments below – Let’s build the Ninjago community together!

Remember, the greatest adventures are yet to be built!


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